iMarc Engraving Machine Accessories

From time to time you may require additional or replacement supplies for your iMARC Engraving Machine, so we keep a selection in stock. The items listed below are available when required but are not available to add to your basket. We ask that you call us on (+44)01722 412233 or email if you require any of these items and we can combine them with your next online order.

Tag & Plate Holders

 The rubber tag holders are very long lasting but prolonged use can wear them down. Accidental engraving into the rubber can also affect the quality of the holder. A new tag holder will provide a firm hold for your tags during the engraving process.

Oxidising Solution

Our brass tags can be enhanced using an oxidising solution which will darken the engraved text to make it stand out further and provide additional protection to the engraved area. Supplied in a bottle with a brush cap, it is easy to apply to any of our tags or plates.

Velvet Gift Pouches

Supplied as standard with our Patriot and Elegance ranges, the velvet pouches provide a fantastic finishing touch for your customer. They give a luxurious feel to any tag purchase and make great gift pouches for our identity tags.

Split Ring Pliers

Our split ring pliers are specially designed to make attaching a split ring a simple task. You won't need to worry about scratching any engraved tags as the pliers will hold the ring open enough to easily slide your tag around the ring. 

Engraving Needles

It isn't often that an engraving needle needs to be replaced as they are very durable and can produce thousands of tags in a single lifespan. You may eventually notice imperfections on engravings which is an indicator that the needle should be replaced.